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LIEBHERR R904C wheeled excavator

Manufacturer: Norscot

Scale: 1:50

Here is Norscot's LIEBHERR R904C wheeled excavator, you can get some

sense of the models size by comparing it to that man beside it

Front view

Side view

Rear view

Right side view

Rubber tires, sadly none turn

Nicely detailed cab with levers and controls

Has a blade on the front

Blade has 2 hydraulic cylinders that raise and lower it

Features a 2 piece boom

The boom can be brought in tight or extended out for greater depth or reach

Nice touches like all the painted rivits and hydraulic lines running to the

hydraulic cylinders really add to this model

The back has two hydraulic stabilizers

Stabilizers raise and lower

Model has a nice deep digging depth capability

Comes with a smooth ditch cleaning bucket

The bucket tilts from side to side for angled slopes

Front view of the tilting ditch cleaning bucket

A real cool part of this model is its working attachment quick hitch

The bucket is deatched from the hitch by pulling it down to unclip and then

back to unhook from the front

A second attachment is also provided with the R904C, a hydraulic

toothed clam shell grab

Close-up of the hydraulic clam shell attached

The hydraulic toothed grab opens and closes...

...and also rotates 360 degrees

Although a standard toothed digging bucket isn't provided with this model

the bucked from the R904C tracked excavator also fits the models

quick hitch and can be used

Shot of the two brothers next to one another; the R904C wheeled excavator

and the R904C tracked excavator

This is a real cool model from Norscot and I hope we start seeing a lot

more Liebherr models from them

Here's a shot of the Liebherr R904C wheeled excavator at work loading

up a dump truck with some hillside debres

Here's a pic of the R904C in action cleaning up this slope


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