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with KING trailer and Rock Crusher load

Manufacturer: CORGI

Scale: 1:50

#1601 of only 2400 made worldwide

Loaded up with the "Dyno Crunch" rock crusher this is one massive mover

Rear view showing off even the littliest details of even having "OVERSIZE LOAD" banners

Total length of this model is almost 22" !!!

The tractor is everything like the real one even with antennae's on the mirriors

Side tractor view with "INTERSTATE HAULING" livery

Front view of upper warning lights etc.

Rear view of tractor w/ adjustable fifth wheel and pole w/ air hoses

The crusher's size is proven towering over this construction worker...

Model comes painted like its been weathered and working in the dirt

Picture of the crusher in action

Pic of the crusher crawling onto its lowboy ride

Features detachable gooseneck with drop down ramps

Overhead pic to show off the goosenecks hydraulic system

Locking lever mechanism for gooseneck to lowboy

Close up of the five axles and rubber tires on the rear of the lowboy trailer

Another close up pic of the detailed rear

Under pic of lowboy to show off rear axles as well as the piviting point (to

the right of the last frontal axle) which keeps the axles level and drops the deck

One of the few trucks able to carry a load such as the 24H

...Or the huge D11 dozer

...Or the massive 375 excavator

Comparison pic

(the 5600i and its lowboy could fit onto this KENWORTH'S lowboy!)



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