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KOMATSU WA 500 wheel loader

 'Limited edition ConExpo 2008'

Manufacturer: FIRST GEAR

Scale: 1:50

Here is the AWESOME First Gear KOMATSU WA 500 wheel loader, you can

get an idea of this machines size by comparing it to thta man beside it

Side view: ladders, handrails, large rubber tires

Front view: large smooth edged bucket, work lights

Side/rear view: upper handrails,back mirrior, crisp paint

Rear view: large detailed raditor fan, backup lights

View of the opposite side

This model was only available at the ConExpo 2008 show and made in a

very limited number of only 200. Each of the 200 have the number

and shows name nicely painted on the inside of the bucket

The cab is incredibly detailed with mirriors, knobs, levers, air vents, etc.

The outside of the cab is just as detailed with antannae's mirriors, lightss,

handrails, and a windshield wiper

Hydraulic lines run to the hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic articulated steering

Working suspension

The bucket is very veristle and can: tilt back...

...tilt down...

...raise real high...

...and fully dump

This is a GREAT model and First Gear has once again liven up to their

reputation. The detail is phenomenal all around the model from the

radiator fan on the back to the fine painted rivits on the front. It's

great how the boom raises high and isn't limited on other good

models such as the CAT 950H... This is an awesome model

and I highly suggest it to any collector

The WA 500 even clears the HM 400 ADT with ease

Pic of the Komatsu loader filling up a back street truck

Shot of the Komatsu WA 500 just leaving the Komatsu dealership

Here's a pic of the WA500 scooping up a large bucket full of rock

to load into the awaiting crusher


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