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KOMATSU WA800 wheel loader

Manufacturer: JOAL

Scale: 1:50

Here is the big KOMATSU WA800 loader from JOAL you can get a feel of

this beasts size as that man attempts to climb up the operators ladder

Shot of inside the cab

Front view showing the large toothed bucket

Side view

Rear view with realistic backup lights

Right side view

Fully functional suspension keeping the bucket level even while going

over large boulders

Hydraulic articulated steering

The boom arm and bucket raise nice and high (unlike some models...)

Large reinforced toothed rock bucket 

Here's a photo of the WA800 next to the CAT 992G for comparison

Too big for the lowboy???

Here's a pic of the KOMATSU loader in action at this aggregate plant

scooping up a big load of sand and gravel 


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