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Peterbilt w/ Rogers lowboy

Manufacturer: TWH

Scale: 1:50

Here is awesome Peterbilt 379 with Rogers lowboy in white by TWH,

you can get an idea of the trucks size with that man jumping in there

The front wheels turn

The tires are soft real rubber

Since white is very difficult to photograph no matter how many

pics of the cabs inside I tried to take none of them would come

out but it is extremely detailed and has everything the real truck

would have gauges, shift stick, a/c vents, peterbilt sterring wheel

View of the right side

Rear view

Left side view

The tractor detaches

The doors open

The hoods pops open

The engine is unbelivable you'd think it was a real engine by

looking at it

The roof has two beacons and 4 air horns (there are square

and round horns provided so you get to choose which to use)

The exhaust stacks aren't solid like on most models they are

actually open and real looking

The headach rack includes chains and racheting lock hooks, and

in front of that there is even a dummy glad hand pole for

coupling the airlines to when not in use

If you thought the included chains and hooks were awesome

check this out, a real removeable fold-out tarp!

The fifth wheel has a trailer kingpin locking lever, you pull forward

to open and release to lock kingpin shank in place

Fifth wheel works on a clicking spring loaded lock and can be

slid into many different locations

The air and electrical lines attach from the tractor to the

lowboy gooseneck

The lowboy has "ROGERS" decals, "DANGER" decals, and

even an american flag sticker

The trailer air and electrical lines unhook from the gooseneck,

the gooseneck detaches, and ramps fold down 

The gooseneck works similar to the Tonkin trucks by a large clip

The lowboy is equipped with side hangers as wheel as side

tie down steel loops

Te side hangers pull out and extra provided wood planks

can be put on for wider loads

The third and last axle on the lowboy rides slightly off the ground

when unloaded and then rides on the ground for more

weight distribution when the lowboys loaded

The lowboy has a full complete suspension system and also

includes all the air lines and brake chambers

For those oversized loads an OVERSIZE LOAD banner is

provided and just clips right on to the rear

The tractor and lowboy even feature Rogers mud-flaps

and "DHS" license plates

The front has realistic headlights, a bug guard, and see through grill

For those oversized loads an OVERSIZE LOAD load banner is

also provided for the front and clips right on

This truck comes in a variety of different colors and liveries TWH

along with DHS went to unbelievable new heights bringing by

far the BEST truck and lowboy combination available so if you

don't already own one of the baby's be sure to get one!

Since white in white may be hard to see some of the details

here's a few shots with a black background

I swear this thing looks almost more real looking than the real thing

Another shot of the Peterbilt hauling a load down the highway


Click here if you wanna see a few more pics


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