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Manufacturer: GRADALL Company

Scale: 1:50

Here is the GRADALL tracked XL 5200, you can get an idea of how

big it is with that man standing there

The cab is detailed with operators seat and two side joysticks

as well as the two track foot peddles/levers on the front floor

Metal linked tracks (similiar to the ones on the high

 detailed JOHN DEERE 200C LC  excavator)

Side and rear view with back counter weight

View of the other side, very detailed with even touched up

silver engine compartment door latches

Features a sharp five toothed bucket with ribbed under

Long extendable traingle boom

Boom can be raised high for loading trucks

Or can be dropped low to dig waaaay down

The boom works by two hydraulics that either bring in the boom

 or push it out to raise or lower it

Two pieced traingle boom slides in close together

Not only does the boom extend to double it length but can also

be rotated from side to side

Rotated the other way

The rotation works by the boom being attached to that rotation cylinder

 shown above which allows it to easily turn one way or the other

Here's a pic of the XL 5200 loaded up on the International 5600i...

This machine can be used on a variety of jobs like shown here

shaving this hillside into a nice slope to be landscaped



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